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Computer Engineering Group

The Computer Engineering group focuses on research in the area of novel hardware-software architectures that meet the constantly growing demand for performance, energy efficiency and reliability. We are particularly interested in adaptive heterogeneous architectures for embedded systems and cognitive edge computing. In this context, we consider both small mobile systems with limited energy resources as well as powerful accelerators for high-performance computing in data centers. Our expertise is applied to the education of our students as well as to research and technology transfer projects: from compact solutions with simple microcontrollers via multiprocessor system-on-chips with a multitude of embedded processor cores up to reconfigurable architectures (FPGAs) with thousands of processing units.

Today, microelectronic systems are developed at different levels of abstraction. Here, too, education and research go hand in hand in the Computer Engineering group. Depending on the requirements for quality and time-to-market, we use the best possible approach for each design:

  • Hardware description on register transfer level using VHDL/Verilog
  • Block-based design
  • High-level synthesis based on C/C++
  • OpenCL-based design

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