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At the interface between electrical engineering and computer science, computer engineering focuses on the architecture and design of computer systems that best meet the constantly growing demand for performance, energy efficiency and reliability. Applications range from the Internet of Things via smartphones to complete datacenters.

In addition to the basic lecture on computer engineering (Einführung in die Technische Informatik), we offer in-depth courses where students get to know the necessary concepts and methods for developing and programming modern hardware-software platforms. Practical courses, seminars as well as Bachelor and Master theses enable students to further improve their knowledge in specific areas.

Introduction to Computer Engineering - Einführung in die Technische Informatik (each winter semester)

Design of Microelectronic Systems - Entwurf mikroelektronischer Systeme (each summer semester)

Reconfigurable and Parallel Computer Architectures - Rekonfigurierbare und parallele Rechnerarchitekturen (each winter semester)

Hardware Platforms for Embedded Systems - Hardwareplattformen für eingebettete Systeme (each summer semester)