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Working Group Remote Sensing and Digital Image Analysis

Head of the Working Group

Prof. Dr. Björn Waske
Tel.: +49 541 969-7216


Sandra Dützer
Tel. +49 541 969-3911 or
Tel. +49 541 969-3924

Office hours and Home-Office
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New Publications

Crowson, M., Hagensieker, R., & Waske, B., 2019. Mapping land cover change in northern Brazil with limited training data. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 78, 202-214.

Haburaj, V., Krause, J., Pless, S., Waske, B., & Schutt, B. (2019). Evaluating the Potential of Semi-Automated Image Analysis for Delimiting Soil and Sediment Layers. Journal of Field Archaeology, 44(8), 538-549.

Marchetti, F., Waske, B., Arbelo, M., Moreno-Ruíz, J. A., & Alonso-Benito, A. (2019). Mapping Chestnut Stands Using Bi-Temporal VHR Data. Remote Sensing, 11(21), 2560.