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Project name: Design and implementation of software for charitable associations
Duration: 05/2010 - 10/2010
Cooperation: Billy Rubin Förderverein Kindergastroenterologie MHH e.V (Hannover, Germany), Komera Jugend und Entwicklung e.V. (Germany), University of Osnabrueck (Germany)
Keywords: member and donator management, donation registration, MT940, cash journal, DTAus format, management of association projects, additional donation by members, annual balance sheet (for the tax office), tax credits for members and donators, integrated SQL database
Short description: Existing commercial or free software for associations support typical associations like sports clubs oder shooting clubs in the first place. Theses clubs need software that supports not only the member management but also the organisation of the sport divisions and sport competitions. Non-commercial charitable associations collect money by means of membership fee and donations. They support different projects according to their association aims. In addition to members donators are sometime known, sometime unknown people who transcribe money to the associations bank account, optionally for a special project named in the reasons for transfer. Annuamembers and donators who mentioned their name and address want to get a tax credit for the tax office. On the other side the tax office needs a balance sheet per year, that presents every input and output of money on the associations bank account referred to the projects the association supports. Within the framework of bachelor thesis students analyse the special needs of charitable associations and design and implement a software system that supports these needs in an optimal way. Because of plattform independency the system is developed in Java. After finishing the implementation the source code is now available as an open souce project so that every non-commercial association can use and perhaps refine the programm for further purposes.