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Advanced computer vision (CS-MWP-AI, CS-MWP-NI)
Dozent:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gunther Heidemann
Veranstaltungstyp:Seminar (Offizielle Lehrveranstaltungen)
Beschreibung:Prerequisites: Computer Vision or a related lecture

Computer Vision has become a field of huge scientific and industrial impact in recent years. An example is driver assistance systems such as traffic sign recognition, which has become affordable for consumers. This seminar builds on the Computer Vision course. Using textbook chapters and papers, we will deal with topics such as video analysis, stereo vision, 3D scene analysis, visual learning and applications. The seminar will also connect the courses on Computer Vision and Machine Learning.
Semester:SoSe 2024
Zeiten:Do. 12:00 - 14:00 (wöchentlich) - Seminar
Erster Termin:Donnerstag, 04.04.2024 12:00 - 14:00, Ort: 93/E12