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Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing

Remote sensing deals with the collection of information of the Earth’s surface using different sensors. The measure emitted or reflected electromagnetic radiation is interpreted using visual and computer-aided approaches. The working group remote sensing and digital image processing of the Institute of Computer Science investigates methodical as well as thematic topics. Current research interest lie in the quantification of soil and vegetation characteristics for precision agriculture, land cover and land use classification in different areas of the world as well as multitemporal change detection. Our group also concentrates on algorithm development and standardisation in the fields of remote sensing image and data fusion, SAR processing and the analysis of hyperspectral remote sensing data.

New Book!

Remote Sensing Image Fusion: A Practical Guide by Christine Pohl and John van Genderen (CRC Press).

This new textbook gives an introduction to remote sensing image fusion providing an overview on the sensors and applications. It describes data selection, application requirements and the choice of a suitable image fusion technique. It comprises a diverse selection of successful image fusion cases that are relevant to other users and other areas of interest around the world. The book helps newcomers to obtain a quick start into the practical value and benefits of multi-sensor image fusion. Experts will find this book useful to obtain an overview on the state of the art and understand current constraints that need to be solved in future research efforts. For industry professionals the book can be a great introduction and basis to understand multisensor remote sensing image exploitation and the development of commercialized image fusion software from a practical perspective. The book concludes with a chapter on current trends and future developments in remote sensing image fusion. Along with the book, RSIF website provides additional up-to-date information in the field.

Remote Sensing Image Fusion: A Practical Guide
Website: rsif.website