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Adaptive Language Learning with AI-assisted Conversational Agents (Part 1)

Design, implement and test a learning environment for ESL instruction



During this project we will design, implement, and test an English language learning environment incorporating an AI-assisted conversation agent.

We will perform market research to ensure our product provides an in-demand service, identify target users and intended functionality, and decide on language topics to be presented via our learning environment. We will implement a virtual learning scenario for teaching individuals and/or groups, a conversational agent for content presentation and/or scenario moderation, natural language models for processing and/or generating lesson material, etc. We will prepare a testing strategy for evaluating the product prototype in line with our success criteria, conduct tests at local institutions, and evaluate test data.

Because of the multi-faceted nature of the project, various skill-sets are required. The following skills are of value to the project:
- Back-End Application Development
- Front-End Application Development
- Pedagogy
- User Interface Design
- Human Computer Interaction
- Computational Linguistics, NLP

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