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jay takes a grammar, specified in BNF and augmented with semantic actions, and generates tables and an interpreter which recognizes the language defined by the grammar and executes the semantic actions as their corresponding phrases are recognized. The grammar should be LR(1), but there are disambiguating rules and techniques.

Actions, parsing tables, and the interpreter use Java. The grammar allows complete control over the class structure of the generated parser.

jay itself is written in C: we modified BSD yacc to act as a filter for a text file and use Java syntax. jay has been compiled under Linux and other Unix platforms and with cygwin on Windows.

jay has been used in a course on object-oriented compiler construction with Java. The English lecture notes (11/2002) and the German lecture notes (02/1999) provide numerous examples for it's use. The notes also discuss some alternatives to jay which are implemented in Java: cup for LR(1) grammars specified in BNF, JavaCC for LL(1) grammars specified in EBNF, oops for LL(1) grammars specified in EBNF and JLex for lexical patterns.

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